Charles Anyomi is a Ghanaian Entrepreneur, an expert on business, trade and investment in Africa.

Charles Anyomi was born in Anfoega one of Ghana’s poor communities, yet he did not let this stop him from achieving greatness. As a young boy, he always dreamed of a better life for himself and the generations after him. This is evidenced through the entrepreneurship ventures he undertook as a young boy at E.P Primary School.

After school everyday, Charles would sell fish and tomatoes to the community as he saw the example from his mom growing up. His mom and aunt were traders and this is where he learnt the art of selling. His mom would coach him and teach him on how to sell to customers,not knowing that she was grooming a leader and one of Ghana’s most prominent entrepreneurs.

The lessons he learnt remain principles that he applies as a business man in Ghana everyday. Charles is an Author, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NoblePraiss Ghana Limited, Co-founder of Flinders Port Ltd and also the Founder and President of Africa Entrepreneur Conference. Africa Entrepreneur Conference is a company that was founded in 2018 and is growing from strength to strength.

Anyomi is shaping the Ghanaian and African business landscape and his passion for the development of African businesses is evidenced in the articles he wrote and co-authored on. These articles dig deep into the high’s and low’s of African businesses, entrepreneurship in africa, issues of African Entrepreneurship development and contemporary socio-economic trends.

His business experience spans over seventeen years and is still going strong. No great leader of Charles Anyomi’s caliber can tell their story without mentioning the failures along the way. Charles has failed many times in business and lost money running into hundreds of thousands of Ghana Cedi. This experience informed the writing of his latest book “THE GHANAIAN BUSINESS MIND” which is currently a bestselling book.

As a pioneer leader in business and entrepreneurship, Charles is on a mission to lead a revolution in Africa by championing a global campaign to challenge young Ghanaian and African business people and entrepreneurs to think big, think global and grow bigger. Africa needs African businesses that will dominate the African economy the same way Coca Cola and other non-African companies have done. This is possible with Charles Anyomi leading the movement. The Africa Entrepreneur Conference is the first instalment of this movement and there are many more to come.

As part of his role to facilitate collaboration among entrepreneurs in the continent, Charles through his organization; Africa Entrepreneur Conference facilitates business trips to South Africa and Mauritius for African and Ghanaian entrepreneurs, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to explore and leverage business opportunities with the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), as well as partnership and networking sessions with their South African and Mauritius counterparts on how to collaborate to enhance their businesses.

He also organized and led a training conference on Africa Bootcamp Meeting in South Africa with Beryl Group, a South African multinational corporation and travels across the African continent holding the Africa Entrepreneur Conference Business Breakfast in African cities for Entrepreneurs.

Charles Anyomi featured regularly on many other radio and Tv stations in South Africa such as SABC Channel Africa, Chai FM, Alex FM and many others.